My dear Customer ,


This category show you about beautiful embellishment  ,They contain of good



quality crystal ,some is zircon , you can choose the color to match with silk box ,


 such as white clear crystal, red ruby,yellow sapphire, pink color , brown ,



purple amethyst ,fancy crystal ,blue sapphire you can choose by drop down list , 


and we have two type of embellishment , one is pair buckle for use on gatefold


box or gatefold Folio , the another one is buckle or brooch , you can use for



decorate one door box ,favor box ,folio ,pouch ,or pad for luxury looking ,


We produce brooch or buckle by use good quality crystal ,some is zircon , and


customer design are  welcome in low quantity required , please kindly choose



from embellishment gallery by click in drop  down list as above ,


so hope i have chance to produce for you so soon thank you



Sincerely Yours,



Nithchy M