why we different



Why my wooden silk box different with silk box in market ,  in my all



collection ,every style even budget box ,is premium quality , you can notice


and compare the silk box in market by notice below  



1. My wooden silk box is handicraft , but we produce by high skill craftman ,


so you can notice detail of box is beautiful , you can see lid or door is close


properly and equal , but cardboard box , can not close exactly  or some can


close ,some can not close properly ,that call bulk product as they want



to do price low cost , but we concern this point as customer pay



cost is same every box , so they should get consistancy quality every box ,no


mix quality



2. All of my part use grade A raw material, sponge ,glue or etc , such as



sponge we use same grade like premium furniture sponge ,even you can


not see inside ,but you can test by press it , if good quality sponge ,it will


high density ,you will feel strong pad when you press it , and it flawless


when you put finger out , if cardboard box ,they want to reduce cost,  they



will use poor sponge , it will low density ,so when you press it, it will


has evidence and like no have elastic and flexible  



3. In market , they always do box high only 1"but i do thick sponge 0.8 mm ,


so my box is can not do in high 1 " , i must do in 1.8- 2 "  



4. In market , they want to do low cost and cheap so they must reduce part



of box as they can , such as in body or beside is not pad ,but my


wooden silk box has full option pad, on lid , below lid , body , 4 side of body



all is pad so it will look more beauty ,  



5 Because i do in wooden silk box ,so my box can long keep sake 10 years up ,


and shape is still look good ,but cardboard box is paper , they will


absorb moisture in air so they will reshape so quickly , so some cardboard



box can keep shape only in 1 week- 2 month depend on keep condition




so i think if you compare all , wooden silk box is value more than cardboard


box ,  and my box is price is not different too much if compare with


cardboard box in market, so please kindly don't hesitate to contact me to



see real sample ,  i pretty sure you will love them 


6. because as i say , i have many style of box and have new arrival all time,


and has some company always copy my style box and embellishment ,so i



produce silk fabric is for my exclusive use , so my silk box is use fabric silk


not same them ,so if you used to order product from me before , you will see



it different silk , so if you are wholesale or shop , please kindly ask me to


send you new silk swatch ,to make sure you get the unique silk box 



 and hope i have chance to produce for you so soon thank you 



please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thank you


this link  show you about the copycat 







Sincerely Yours,


Nithchy M.